Be the Top Dog in Your Life

Viviane Hens with Luigi Xuxa

When it comes to stress, we can learn a lot from our animal friends. A plump housecat may do a few yoga-like stretches, followed by a leisurely nap. And a high-strung dog will often shake and quiver to deal with their fear. Both species can teach us the wisdom of the natural world, reminding us of the importance of releasing stress.

The shaking seen in dogs and other wild animals, both during and after a stressful event, can be likened to the purposeful trembling we use in TRE. Similar to animals, humans can use this type of release to our benefit, dissipating tension and hastening our healing.

How about you? Are you ready and willing to take advice from your canine companion?

Canine Quivering 101

When it comes to dogs, although they may appear stressed out, their quivering ultimately helps them burn off their nervous energy. From the website

“Dogs can shake or tremble for a variety of reasons both medical and behavioral,” says animal behaviorist Megan E. Maxwell, PhD. “There are many cases where shaking is related to anxiety. Dogs will tremble during thunderstorms, fireworks or in response to other loud noises. They sometimes will shake during vet visits, in new places or in the car …There’s a burst of energy, and the shaking burns it off.”[1]

For dogs, this trembling isn’t something they have been taught. It has been hard-wired into them from birth; a gift from Mother Nature. Dogs intuitively understand that the shaking and quaking will ultimately calm them down.

Observe Mother Nature – Use TRE

Take it from the dogs: using TRE in your daily life can help you relax, naturally. The physical release of tension can facilitate the reduction of stress and nervous energy, making us feel whole and calm again.

The wisdom of TRE is evident in the natural world. As human beings, we can learn much from our animal friends, if we are only wise enough to listen.