Taylor Swift and TRE?!

Shake it Off with TRE

Taylor Swift’s iconic song, “Shake it Off,” has really resonated with the public. The Grammy-nominated pop track has gone multi-platinum and has become a pervasive “ear worm” for young and old alike.

While we have a great time singing and dancing along, most people can also instinctually relate to the lyrics. Whether someone has said something rude to us, we are feeling anxious about an upcoming decision, or we had a bad day at work, we can all subconsciously understand the benefits of “shaking it off.” This relatability is in large part why the song has become such a hit.

TRE – Available anytime

With TRE, the act of shaking it off is so easy to incorporate into daily life. Once learned, it can be done in the privacy of our own homes any time we’d like.

Some of its benefits include better sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, a greater amount of resiliency, and increased feelings of optimism. TRE is a useful tool in our toolbox to help ourselves heal our souls, spirits and bodies in today’s fast-paced, stressed-out world – and it’s there for us whenever we need it.

No equipment needed

Best of all? It’s an all-natural, drug-free healing modality. No specific equipment is needed, and it is easy to learn. The biggest challenge is committing to a regular practice.

By adding a regular TRE regimen to your life, you’ll likely be happier, healthier, and even more optimistic about your future. Use TRE as your “secret weapon,” and you’ll give your entire life a healthy boost. 

So, take it from brilliant singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift: shake it off – and then move on with your day.