“Before I found TRE I was in a constant state of anxiety, tension, stress and negative thinking. I was nervous about everyday activities and did not know what was wrong with me. I was experiencing physical tension in my body as well. Once I tried TRE, I knew I had found the answer.

TRE has changed my life. It has relieved my stress and anxiety, provided me with a sense of calmness, given me a mind body connection that I never knew was possible and changed my thinking patterns to be so much more positive. Now that I have found TRE I have hope for my future. It is an enjoyable journey and process of healing. I get better every day and am becoming a better version of myself. TRE is something you have to experience yourself in order to truly understand the power of what it can do for you. I love who I am becoming through the process of TRE and believe it is something everyone could benefit from. ”